Guiding you to holistic wellness through self healing of the mind, body and spirit.

Total mind, body and spiritual healing is an inside job. No one knows how to heal you better than you.
Through learning how to observe and control our thoughts and emotions (mind), providing our vessel an environment in which to thrive with a strong connection to nature (body) and realignment with our authentic self where we can trust our intuition to guide us through life (spirit), achieving health and peace of mind is within every human’s grasp. Everyone deserves to live a sovereign, happy, joyful, purpose driven life that is bursting with vitality.

Lightworker Holistic Healing is here to help guide you through your journey of self healing, providing you guidance and the tools to achieve the most optimum living experience where you are the creator of your life.

The universe is just waiting for you to engage!



Holistic wellness counseling for the mind, body and spirit.

In 2018 I was turning 40 and by all American conventional standards I was doing great. I was happily married, had three healthy girls and co-owned a growing business in the wine industry.

But something was off. Something wasn’t right. I also could feel that something life changing was coming… and it wasn’t good.

I realized that trying to be everything to everyone and living up to other’s expectations not only was taking a toll on my physical health because of not so healthy coping habits, but my mind and spirit were also taking a self-imposed beating. Then came the kicker - the bad thing I could intuitively feel coming. My husband Frankie, who was my best friend and financial breadwinner of the family, was diagnosed with cancer and was given less than two years to live.

I became a widow in June 2021. Through that experience I was awakened to the individual power we have over our health and overall wellness. Most importantly I learned what it means to become a sovereign being and that we truly have the ability to design our lives the very way we desire as long as we sharpen our intuitive senses and listen to our higher selves.

Through my experience I was awakened to:

  • Physical Wellness- A common sense understanding  of how the body works and what it needs to operate at its highest potential

  • Mind/body connection - Controling our thoughts will control our physical reality

  •  Toxins - They are in everything, everywhere

  • Sunlight- It’s not the enemy we’ve made it into and is much more than vitamin D

  • Grounding - Our physical connection to the earth is essential to our physical and spiritual health 

  • Meditation - Slowing down and listening to our higher selves will guide us through our individual and collective evolution 

  • Inner work - The release of generational trauma and limiting beliefs. We need to first forget the programming we’ve been exposed to throughout our life so we can remember who we are. Dig deep and clear out the traumas that have not yet been processed, then release them.

  • Energy Flow- Everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies. A clear chakra system is important so the energy can flow and intuitive abilities can awaken

  • The Law of Attraction - It is real, but a side effect of alignment with our authentic selves 

Allowing me to guide you through your experience by combining my lived experiences, endless recommended resources, a touch of common sense and a knowingness that there’s more to life than you are currently experiencing, you too can have a life intentionally lived that is all by your design!

Focused Mind